gorgeous portland engagement shoot at Cathedral Park

i spent and absolutely breath taking evening with this lovely couple ( heather + eli ) at the gorgeous Cathedral Park in Portland, Oregon.

heather & eli's story:

"I met Eli when my Dad relocated us to Oregon from California. I was in high school and working at a local record store in Ashland, OR. Eli had already graduated and was good friends with my coworker Max. We would frequently run into one another at parties and other social gatherings since we had mutual friends. We were definitely drawn to each other and loved any time we got to spend together.

We would take trips to the park and we even took his classic 63' Ford Falcon out to the lake, just the two of us.  I moved to Vancouver BC for school and he moved to Portland to do his undergrad at PSU. Years later....

I eventually decided to move to Portland.... we ran into one another and proceeded to ignore all of the friends we were with and chatted for hours into the night.. & the rest is history!

We fell in love.. hard and quick and knew right away that we were it for one another." - Heather

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a lovely story about eli's 1963 ford falcon:

"Eli spent summer after summer at his Grandfathers place admiring the Falcon. When Eli was 21, his grandfather and him made a deal; if Eli worked for it, Rusty would put some work into the car and drive it up to Oregon with him and it would officially be his. So, every paycheck Eli would send what he could down to his grandfather and Rusty would put work into the car. On Eli's 22nd birthday he flew down to California and made the drive back to Oregon with his grandfather. Since Rusty's passing, Eli reflects on that road trip with his grandfather as one of his favorite memories with him!"

continued......" I was saddened to learn that he had to make the hard decision to leave his beloved Falcon down in Southern Oregon when he moved to Portland, simply because he couldn't afford to keep it going while he was in school. Any time we went down south he would uncover it, wash it, and just sit in it.....dreaming of the day he could get it back.

I really wanted to do something big to show him how committed I was to him, so I decided to start saving money to fix it up. I even convinced him to make a "dream list of Falcon repairs" (he was clueless) So, I clued his Dad and a couple friends in on what I was hoping to accomplish and once I had saved up enough money sent it down to his Dad. They got the Falcon towed into a local shop and began working on it to get it running again! It was ready just in time for our annual 4th of July trip down to Ashland! I was so excited.. I could hardly contain myself. While Eli was off playing golf with the guys I got his friend Zac to pick up the Falcon from the shop and park it in his parents driveway. I put a little red bow with the key and note on the door handle and impatiently waited for Eli to return! Shocked and confused doesn't even begin to describe the look on Eli's face and he walked up his parents driveway that day. We drove it back to our home in Portland and have been slowly restoring it ever since."  - heather

the proposal:

"When Eli and I decided that the title of "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" just didn't feel right to us anymore, we decided to go shopping for a ring together! We went to a small antique and estate jewelry shop called "Antoinette" within walking distance to our house in NW Portland. We tried on ring after ring but kept coming back to one in particular. A beautiful 1930's ring from the Art Deco era. Antoinette explained to us that over 90% of antique rings need to be resized but to our surprise and hers, this one happened to be a perfect fit! We both didn't hesitate and knew it was the one. Since we had picked out the ring together,  Eli really wanted to surprise me with the proposal. I never thought he'd actually be able to surprise me since I figured he couldn't make me wait too long, right? My birthday passed.. 4th of July passed.. I was starting to wonder if he had changed his mind! We did have a 2 week road trip coming up, I was then certain that he was going to propose on that trip. So, I tried my best to put it out of my mind and get busy planning his 30th birthday party. I rented out part of a park.. invited 30 of his friends.. set up lawn games.. a full on hot dog bar.. and even a piñata! I wanted him to embrace the big kid he really is, while saying farewell to his 20's. I had been running around like crazy the morning of the party, so once everything was running smoothly I sat back and enjoyed champagne with friends in the grass. The party was a success! He finally called everyone over to break open the piñata. Everyone takes turns and then with one final swing, Eli busts open the piñata. I run over to him amidst the laughing and picture taking.. set down my drink to give him a hug.. then turn around to see him on one knee with the ring. Honestly.. the words we exchanged that day are blurry. I was in complete shock, people were cheering, spraying champagne and taking pictures of the moment I said "yes". I never in a million years thought he'd choose his own 30th birthday to ask me to marry him and in front of all our closest friends! I really never thought he could.. but he did.. he surprised me "


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