extraordinary lower antelope canyon / arizona

i've never in my life experienced anything quite like lower antelope canyon. from the surface you would never imagine such a world existed below, swirling down 120 feet to the bottom. we were warned that if you suffered at all from claustrophobia, the canyon could be problematic as some areas were only shoulder width wide. i had a moment of panic before entering, but once we were inside i was so mesmerized by the beauty and awe inspiring natural creations i completely forgot where i was.

i was transported to another world, a world created by millions of years of water erosion. intense flash floods carved out the magnificent sandstone walls and depending on what time of day you are in the canyon, the vivid colours changed intensity, increasing and decreasing contrast and saturation. 

antelope canyon is like a maze of brightly coloured perfect smooth waves, at times almost not knowing which direction you are looking in, unless you see a hint of the blue sky above.

this was by far the highlight of our desert roadtrip, a place that's so magical when you leave you can't even believe what you just experienced. by far one of the best 1.5 hours of my life!

the photo below was taken of brian and I once we reached the floor of the canyon ( approx 120 ft ) 

this photo helps give some perspective on how massive and deep the canyon is.

excuse the quality, as it was taken on an iPhone! :) 

this is the surface of lower antelope canyon. if you stumbled upon it, you would never imagine that a whole other beautiful world is waiting for you to explore below.