Mindful + Beautiful West Coast Wilderness Lodge Wedding — Alex & Cayley

Alex and Cayley have such amazing energy and their wedding at the stunning West Coast Wilderness Lodge here on the Sunshine Coast was nothing short of magical. I felt so grateful to be apart of such a connected, present and beautiful day. 

Alex and Cayley started their ceremony with a meditation which everyone was asked to be apart of. A few minutes in stillness, focusing on your breath, taking in all the beauty that surrounds you, becoming present and focusing on all the love.

Thank you so much for inviting me to photograph an incredibly amazing and magical day, Cayley and Alex! So happy for you two. Congrats! 

A big thanks to my wonderful Second Photographer, my sidekick ( and beautiful cousin ) Pauline Holden. xo

Cayley's Hair: Mandi Girard // Cayley's Makeup: Mila Graham