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Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Wedding Photographer - Jennifer Picard - Elopement Photographer


Start at $1500 for 2 hours of photography

Photography & Videography starts at $2900 for 2 hours of coverage

I adore being a part of a couple's private elopement—they are always such an incredibly romantic and meaningful occasion!

When you elope, the focus is solely on the intimacy between the two of you.

Eloping allows you to fully immerse yourself in each moment— and with each other—without any of the pressures of looming timelines, schedule restraints, or other distractions.

Eloping provides you with great flexibility, allowing you to secure not only your dream location but your ideal photographer as well.

I'd love to document your special day for you. Get in touch and let's discuss further.

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Destination Weddings

*Custom Destination Wedding Packages Available

Who doesn't love to travel to beautiful new locations! As a photographer, I thrive on it. If you’ve decided on a having a wedding far away from home, congratulations!

After you book your destination, the next question is: How the heck do I choose a photographer from a foreign city or country?

That’s where I come in! I have a valid, up-to-date passport and am ready to travel.

I believe that the place and setting of a wedding are just as important as the people I'm photographing, which is why my style of work is such a perfect choice for destination shoots.

My approach to taking photos is quite candid and unobtrusive, which allows me to melt into the background so that the focus is always on capturing authentic, genuine moments.

If you're flying off to a dream location, it's important to find a photographer you can trust and feel comfortable with.

Please get in touch so we can discuss all of your details further and so that I can give you a proper quote.

I’d love to meet for tea or have a Skype call with you!